Corporate Partnerships

Take a stand against poverty and inequality

As a OneProsper corporate partner and sponsor, you have an opportunity to transform a young girl’s life and demonstrate your commitment to important issues such as education,  gender equality, and child welfare.


For a one-time sponsorship of USD$820 you can ensure that a girl has everything she needs to attend school every year until she graduates.


Your donation provides:

  • Purchase and installation of a rainwater harvesting tank
  • Installation of a farming dyke to maximize irrigation
  • “Khadin” farm training for the girl’s family
  • Seeds to grow fruits, vegetables, and millet
  • Tuition, school supplies, and a bicycle for transport


Our goal for 2019 is to secure enough funding to send one thousand girls to school.

Our Corporate Partners

Did you know?

0 % of your donation
goes towards girls education. Our operating expenses are covered by private donors.
Every $1 becomes $ 0
thanks to a generous family foundation that matches every sponsorship dollar.
See 0 % of the difference
as OneProsper updates you with news and photos of each girl you sponsor.

To learn more about corporate sponsorship, please contact Raju.

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