Usha & Jamna

13-year-old Usha and 9-year-old Jamna begin their day at 5:00 am to walk 5 hours to collect water for their family. After collecting water, Usha and Jamna help their mother feed their goats and [...]


Nirma, Sudita & Surya

11-year-old Nirma, 8-year-old Sunita, and 6-year-old Surya are sisters who are all currently enrolled in school but will soon have to drop out to assist their mother in collecting water. They all [...]


Mamta & Nirma

Mamta and Nirma, who are 14 and 10 years-old respectively, live in the Mandla Khurd village with their parents and siblings. Both Mamta and Nirma have to walk long distances to collect water and [...]


Vasundhara & Guddi

9-year-old Vasundhara and 7 year-old Guddi both love school, but are worried and sad because they will have to drop out soon to help their mother to collect water. Vasundhara’s favorite subjects [...]


Vikita & Dhanvati

Vikita and Dhanvati live with her parents and sisters in the Mandla Khurd village in the Jodhpur district of India. Dhanvati’s family lives in a small one-room home because her parents earn $ 2 [...]


Vimla & Sumitra

Vimla and Sumitra begins her day at 5:00 am and then walks several hours to collect water for her family. Afterwards she helps her mother to milk their cows and tend to their crops. Vimla enjoys [...]

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