Puja and Sarita


Unfortunately, for 13-year-old Puja and 9-year-old Sarita, school is simply not an option due to time-consuming chores like walking 5-7 hours to collect water.

However, with your support, Puja and Sarita’s family will receive a rainwater harvesting tank which will provide clean water for 9 months. Afterwards, the tank can be refilled from pond water. Puja and Sarita will also receive bicycles, school supplies and tuition.

As a result, Puja and Sarita will be able to attend school full time instead of just studying solely at home and going to school for only a few hours. In addition, Puja and Sarita’s family will learn how to plant a garden using Khadin cultivation — a 500-year-old method that uses run-off water for agriculture This will provide their family with more nutritious food and higher incomes.

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