Vimla & Kamla


Even though they are just 14 and 13 years old, Vimla and Kamala already know they want to be nurses and work in a nearby hospital. They both enjoy studying, especially science.

However, they do not have enough time to commit to their education because every day, they wake up at dawn and walk several hours to bring water back to their family.

Their mother wants Vimla and Kamala to obtain good jobs to support themselves, which was an opportunity that she did not have.

Thanks to the generous support of donors Ramesh Aggarwal and Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation, Vimla and Kamala will soon be able to pursue their dreams of becoming nurses and working in a local hospital.

Their family will soon have a rainwater harvesting tank which will provide the family with clean water, which will enable Vimla and Kamala to focus on their studies. Vimla and Kamala will also receive a bicycle, school supplies and tuition for attending school.

In addition, their family will receive training to setup a garden using the khadin method which uses rainwater for agriculture.

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