Sarla & Kanu


13-year-old Sarla and 10-year-old Kanu live in the Kushlawa village with their parents and siblings. In temperatures up to 50°C or 122°F, these siblings walk long distances to collect water for their family.

Although they both love to study, Sarla and Kanu only have time to attend school after completing their housework.

Because of the generous support of donors Sanjeev Singla and Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation Sarla and Kanu’s lives will soon change for the better. Their family will soon receive a rainwater harvesting tank with biosand filter. The tank captures water during the summer monsoon and can provide a family with clean water for 9 months. The tank can be easily refilled from pond water. In addition, Sarla and Kanu will also receive a bicycle, school supplies and tuition for school.

Their family will also receive training to setup a garden using the khadin method; enabling Sarla and Kanu to enjoy more nutritious food.

As a result, Sarla will be able to pursue her love of Hindi and become a Hindi teacher; while Kanu continues to study History.

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